I Am Never Going to Write 2019 Con Reports, Clearly, So Here Are Some Pictures


Men ironing apparently requires a crowd.
One-third done.
My Haul. I bought the story games and Duet. Thanks to CGE, (Tyler), for all things Galaxy Trucker- I got the book autographed! Thanks to Michelle for TMB- a game I could never afford and which you managed to trade up from a $20 game.
I finally got Mage Knight muliplayer in!
I tried to buy this game five times, the last with four orders from other demoers. The games never made it.
If you just start pounding the endgame goal, you can finish a demo on your break.
My “Haul.”


We get up early to get a table in the sweet, naturally lit atrium.
Because it does fill up.
Eric, sporting the sweet red Playwest shirt in the center, brought the epic Mare Nostrum Empires map for the most epic game I played this weekend. We had to grab a table in the mini games room.
I have no idea what the three players to the east did in this game.
I think this actually counts as spreading out in this game.
We were just doing an initial meander when someone busted out wingspan on an empty table. In early 2019, Kennith’s enthusiasm was entirely appropriate.
Gentes is an awesome game if you don’t have to sticker it.
I actually played games at Kublacon- I’ve got to work on that.

Big Bad Con deserves more than these two horrible pictures, but it’s too late to stop the train now.

There was, technically, a board game library.
Fall Of Magic is a game withincredibly beautiful and thematic production that’s great fun if you’re a GM.

The UC Berkeley Board Game Club Had their first convention.

Tyler, representing CGE and modeling their newest fashion, inspires and encourages the youth.
They needed some.
Impressive library though, contextually. I hope they keep it up.

And those are some terrible pictures of some awesome convention experiences from the before-fore times.


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